Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog lately but since I started AUB my life has been so hectic!
Anyway, this project was called Photography as Objects, it was a brief based around darkroom/old techniques and the more materialistic and precious techniques of photography (basically going back to old school). I took this brief as an opportunity to go really experimental in the darkroom as I’ve already used the darkroom for the past 3 years and I know how to do the typical cyanotypes, liquid light and photograms as well as how to develop my own film. I became experimental by deciding to explore just what exactly I could do with an old technique called the photogram, I’ve already worked with photograms many times in the past but I decided I wanted to use really obscure materials and more fluid materials to explore the effects of Pareidolia.
For those who don’t know what Pareidolia is it’s an effect that often occurs in nature where our brain tries to make sense of a random pattern, for example when you see a dog in the clouds or a face in a tree trunk. Our brains don’t like randomness therefore it is a natural hardwired instinct for us to try make sense of a random pattern.

Now one last thing I will say…not neccessarily a warning but just an awareness that all the images in this project ARE COMPLETELY RANDOM SHAPES – i have had many different responses to my work, they were not planned in the slightest but several people have said they can see trees,fish, faces, skulls in my work but this are just the Pareidolia effect – what you not what you see.
These where the final prints I chose to exhibit
hope you like it!
Scan0012 Scan0011 Scan0009 Scan0006 copy

All work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2014 Mica Bohannon.


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