Passer By

For this series of work Mica was set on assignment to take photographs of strangers in the street. She did some research into portraits and they all seemed pretty similar; a person (usually either a shoulder and head or torso and head shot) either in a natural environment or some form of ‘backdrop’, to me these were beautiful portraits but you still got distracted by what was around them. As a photography student you spend a lot of time analysing images and even with a portrait containing a white backdrop you still acknowledge the fact that theres a backdrop has been used therefor begin to analyse into why the photographer has used such device, thus pulling you away from the actual person in the photograph. Mica then decided to stand in the same spot in town and allow for people to pass by her and select subjects to take a portrait of, with this Mica decided to create a body of work that eliminated all that so the viewer was forced to look directly at the person and only the person, analysing their features, their age, the materiality of their skin, hair, really seeing into the person and their architecture, as what a good portrait should do.

portraits whiteportraits white1portraits white2

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