Ok, so this is the section were I’m supposed to write a bit about myself, well my name is Mica Bohannon and I’m 21, I was born in Tenerife but have been living in England since I was 9 years old (in 2003) and I’ve pretty much been an arty person my whole life. I think like most people who are remotely artistic, I started finding my love for art when I was little through drawings. I remember an old friend and I going to art classes at a self taught painters house who would take us to different parts of the island to sketch beaches, mountains and volcanos. But my love for photography didn’t really happen until I got to secondary school when I got the chance to do it as a subject. At the time I didn’t realise I was going to fall in love with the camera but with being the person I was I just wanted to pick as many art subjects as I could, after that I had tried other art and design subjects such as Graphic Design but I’ve always seemed to fall back to a passion for photography, I guess when it comes to passion you just have to stick to where your heart takes you.

I then studied at the University of Sunderland doing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design which has lead me now to attending my dream university doing my BA (Hons) Degree in Photography at the Art University of Bournemouth.

Artist Statement
Photography allows me to capture the unexpected, I truly believe that the camera sees more than I do and that’s what excites me. The best thing about photography for me is with other arts such as painting, glass and ceramics or textiles you tend to know exactly what the outcome is going to be because your fully in control of the materials. With photography 9/10 you aren’t in control, there is always something that is going to change your image whether it’s the weather, the model, what’s going on in the scenery or even the type of camera, there are so many things that can completely alter how your photographs come across. Photography takes a lot of patience, to get the write photo and capture the perfect moment, sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time or sometimes you’re on a stake out for several hours just trying to wait for that one shot, and that spontaneity is what I love the most.

I tend to get inspired by things around me. I have noticed a common theme recently in my work which seems to be that I’m always trying to get the viewer to look at a topic “in a different perspective”, I like to try broaden people’s mind a little further through my work and make people really question their own judgement of the world around them. Even opening up peoples minds to things they can’t control. I guess with my work I do rely a lot on the concept behind it, but I enjoy making my work give the initial reaction of utter confusion and questioning and then my concept revealing most of my thought process behind it, but still leaving the viewer with a lasting thought to go away with. I’m also highly interested in the visual perception and what is hard wired into our brains and using this within my work to manipulate the viewer, like playing a huge trick on someone which they cannot avoid due to instincts telling them to fall for it.




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