THUD Exhibition – London Edition Part 2

So next day it was up bright and early again to continue setting up the show before the big private viewing and there was no slowing down. We managed to get all the work up with time to spare (which is a rarity!). The brewery and winery were all set up for the event to serve the drinks for us then the event began! was an amazing turn out and we were over the moon with the outcome. What an amazing way to close a chapter in our lives and start a new one!

19657358_10212017888955756_7867375017786024338_n19748560_10212002321126570_8205858994790794246_n copy19748789_10212002321206572_4642522828225472514_n19665125_10212017890555796_6793532439269659012_n copy19702009_10212017890195787_1224875517169427588_n19731950_10212017891035808_6135599297125250611_n19732126_10212017891555821_6095538660887673417_n19748382_10212017889875779_7319156555178295607_n19756587_10212017891795827_1462979201576846702_n copy19554525_10212017892115835_3664640009132733452_n copy


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