THUD Exhibition – London Edition Part 1

After finding out I was graduating from the well respected BA Photography course a the Arts University Bournemouth (Still in shock!) we then had our big London Exhibition being held at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London (If you are in London then the exhibition is still up for public viewing this evening!).

On Tuesday we had all the vans in Bournemouth loaded up with the artwork ready to set off to London in the early hours of the morning.
We set off at 6am and got to the brewery by 9am and it was full steam ahead from the beginning getting all the work up the stars and into our exhibition space, the boards being put up then working out the curation of the show and hanging up the pieces.

19554749_10212002315726435_670606345512527546_n19437396_10212002320046543_3606178693094509171_n19656997_10212002319206522_6874704712242532118_n19657424_10212002319166521_3023898152987055111_n copy19657367_10212002315766436_6868740986601062265_n19679363_10212002320766561_9066910329631408128_n

Once we had got the artwork off the van we then started unwrapping the work and pairing artists/photographers pieces together in preparation for curating the exhibition.

19554922_10212002318326500_7945751915211528995_n copy19657355_10212002317526480_1868724319915770533_n19665150_10212002318646508_3727169969385463460_n19665631_10212002316726460_7659954618769537041_n copy19702126_10212002318286499_1347518460767276946_n copy19748867_10212002317566481_3991425573917419186_n19875522_10212002317686484_2236602662369165908_n

Then before finishing up for the night we managed to start hanging some work on the wall! All ready and set to start again the next day before our opening evening!




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