THUD Exhibition – Bournemouth Show

Well the first half of the THUD Show was a huge success and was so lovely to see some of the work from the artists/photographers up on the wall and on display. The THUD Exhibition Bournemouth is up on display at the Arts University of Bournemouth from 8th-19th June to which will then be taken up to London to be presented at the Old Truman Brewery for its second Exhibition. It has been an unbelievable honour to be working with so many talented people and I ham honestly going to miss having such a creative and eclectic group of people around me.

However, I am incredibly looking forward to THUD Exhibition London and seeing all the hard work, fundraising and effort we have all put in to make our big final show happen! If you are around London from 6th-10th July then please pop down to the Free Range Shows at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. Private Viewing starts 6pm-10pm, 6th July.

Now here’s some images of some of the amazing work that was on display at THUD Exhibition Bournemouth. All rights are reserved by the individual artists and all work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2017 Mica Bohannon.

Ben Perrot (Left)  Liv Wall (Right)


Mica Bohannon (Near)   Holly Holston (Far)19073075_10211738269765451_1747863507_o

Lizzie Wilson19181759_10211795500476183_665247524_o

Rebecca Andrews19197575_10211795503756265_1564334497_o

Em Stokes (Left)   Ibrahim Azab (Right)19197694_10211795499116149_1437483594_o

Ellen Taylor19197746_10211795498876143_1337510513_o

Leanne Atkins19197890_10211795501516209_1030614064_o

Holly Holston19204667_10211795498516134_903442648_o

Elly Bridger 19204722_10211795501916219_1645716215_o

Eivind Nakken (Left)  Karlis Kanins (Middle)  Elly Bridger (Right)19204769_10211795502156225_25128600_o

Agne Kasauskaite19204782_10211795501316204_969385797_o

Katie Jago19204990_10211795503316254_2118595164_o

Josh Mosley (Left)  Cleola Roscoe (Right)19205030_10211795499716164_1256851594_o

Cherish Irvin (Left)  Claudia James (Right)19205074_10211795492755990_1635317563_o

Mica Bohannon19205103_10211795499356155_1877448162_o

Christian Marot (Left)  Sarah MarkBreiter19212615_10211795497236102_299560086_o

Luke Lavery (Left)  Anne Nordland (Right)19212645_10211795493075998_1277064009_o

Rebekka Kwong (Left)  Shannon Mundy (Right)19212655_10211795498116124_577825572_o

George Drake (Left)  Monika Drabot (Middle)  Tobias Albrecht (Right)19212686_10211795492915994_2066631218_o


Hannah McGrail19238290_10211795497156100_1559607588_o

Joy Hayman19238406_10211795493035997_410378436_o

Katie Jago19238704_10211795503636262_1710481614_o

Jade Curran19250158_10211795496716089_936372950_o


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