Coming to the end of One Chapter…and starting Another

I have to apologise for the complete silence from myself as I come to the end of my degree. Things have been so overwhelmingly hectic that I’ve just not had the time to update my blog with the new content of what has being going on in the past few months, so I will try give you an update. Well as you know I’ve been working on a project called ‘Mothers’ (for those of you who don’t know, here’s a recap!).

‘My work addresses the stigma of breastfeeding in Western society and the associated pressures of motherhood. My photographs respond to this criticism and reflect on the stereotypical judgement of breastfeeding and the physical marks of the postnatal body. With the use of natural lighting and the setting of a home my work mimics the simplicity of a studio whilst reciprocating the nature of motherhood in its raw setting. The use of blue is a response to the veins of mothers as they become more visceral whilst breastfeeding, to which I photograph in all its entirety.’

So since my photoshoots with a wonderful variety of women I then had to whittle down my images from 366 to just 3 (not an easy task as you can imagine!


So to do that I first made a few creative decisions and did it in small chunks/stages from whittling it down to 50, then 13 (shown above) which later became the supporting prints for my work, and then finally down to the 3 prints that I were going to get printed and mounted for exhibition and make bespoke frames for. The images I went for in the end are shown below.


I chose these images because they showed a nice wide example of the physical changed to the body during the notions of motherhood. With these images I then went through a design process of how they were going to be exhibited in a gallery space, for this I needed to know the orientation of the work, the scale and the design of the frames that I would be making myself. I eventually went with a varied scale selection in brilliant white frames and full bleed prints as it fitted in with the simplicity of the work and made it look more powerful. galleryspce43

Once I had decided on this I had several fun (and challenging!) weeks producing the frames for the pieces and getting the work printed and mounted.

Once I had finally made the frames I needed to ensure that the work fit inside which thankfully they did!…. well two out of three did as my smaller piece was slightly too large . However as I had the work mounted on KAPA mount this meant that luckily the print could be trimmed down to size and fit in the frame nicely. So once all the pieces fit in the frames it was time to order my MDF backing and glass.

During the process of all this we also had our profiles done by Free Range, the company hosting our graduation show at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. So we had online portfolios of our work posted up on which was great as it was another exposure platform for my work.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 16.37.29

Once my glass and MDF backing had arrived I could then start the assembling process! exciting! this was a lengthy process of inserting the glass, applying spacers, cleaning the glass of any dust particles and whilst inserting the work checking multiple times for any specs of dust or small fibres within the frame to remove, officially inserting the work, applying the MDF backing, pinning it into the frame, adding framing tape to the back to ensure no dust creeps in then once again cleaning the glass before packaging up. However it is now all done and ready to be exhibited! 18339173_10211445446645056_1549653233_o

I’m absolutely over the moon with the final outcome and looking forward to our Bournemouth exhibition on 8th June and our London exhibition on 6th July-10th July.

All work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2017 Mica Bohannon.


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