Pre-natal shoot

For the continuation of Modern mothers I started with a pregnancy shoot of a mother who is in the final stages of her pregnancy. Through my research I began to look into various aspects of motherhood from the anxiety and emotional aspects to the physical alteration of the body. From doing this shoot I find myself more compelled and fascinated by the changes and growths of the female form through the pre and post natal journey which may be the route I prefer to go down to give my photography structure as I work towards my final major project. It has become clear to me that the representation of motherhood is simply too huge a subject to attempt to experiment with all aspects of it therefore I may experiment with a few representation of possibly attempting to portray the anxieties of a mother emotionally however I believe that the core focus of my project will lead to the physical changes of a women and body anxieties. The aim of this I would hope would be a strong documentation of the wide variety of ways that motherhood alters the female body, how not every mother looks the same and most of all be a realistic representation of the ‘true’ body with no photo editing or air brushing of the images.



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