Self Observation and Scars Shoot

So it’s my final year at the Arts University of Bournemouth and I’m working into my Prep for Major Project. As I am continuing my mothers project I wanted to start off this study by bringing my photography back to the beginning before I pursue on to the post-natal photography work. I had been previously discussing how the act of being pregnant/a mother alters a woman body in the form of stretching and scaring. From this I decided to observe my own body for sharing or stretching as a starting point to gain experience in photographing up close to the skin. Close up shots are something I am interested in pursuing for this project therefore I’m aiming to develop a relationship with the models I meet for them to become comfortable with me photographing their bodies at a more personal level .


From this I then realised that for the aim for this project I would explore how the act of motherhood also physically alters the body through scarring and damage to the skin. I decided to photograph the scaring of the body. I was in contact with a model who had gone through self-harming who was happy for me to photograph them. It allowed me to practice the art of photographing skin and scarring of the body. These images are a series of mapping the old and new cuts on their body as well as stretch marks they had gained over the years.


I was then later approached by another person who had seen these images and felt inspiration to also get her scars photographed as a therapeutic method. So to keep myself taking photographs whilst I’m currently gathering up models for the relaunch of Modern Mothers, this gave me another opportunity to take further close up photographs of the skin and the different techniques I could use to prepare me for the close up photographs of the post and pre-natal project.


All work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2017 Mica Bohannon.



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