Motherhood Project – Semi Tandem Fed

The next mother I met for my motherhood project was Sian, she had semi tandem fed her two sons Thomas and Edward so Thomas was weaned off the breast when Edward was due in 3 months. This one was a difficult shoot as Edward was quite an inquisitive little boy ad wasn’t so interested in feeding as he was exploring the cafe! Sian again said she has never had any experience of public criticism whilst being in and around town which further develops my idea that there isn’t as much of a stigma in England over feeding in public as the press make out. There has still been one or two cases which means that not EVERYONE still knows how to deal with the situation and Sian herself said she has had incidences such as ‘in-laws’ not knowing whether it was appropriate for them to be in the room whilst she was feeding, but even that case it showed that they felt that they shouldn’t be there to give her privacy rather than Sian should be feeding her son elsewhere in a more remote place. She has heard of women who have had criticisms and mainly the lack of confidence that women have with this form or motherhood decision because there isn’t a lot of help to support mothers with breastfeeding if that is what they choose as it is a very difficult thing to get started and maintain.



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