Motherhood Project – breastfeeding documentary (2)

The next mother I med up with for the motherhood project was another breastfeeding woman called Kristina. Her son Mason was 16 months old and her 3rd child. She again had never had any issues from strangers but had had a few family incidences which made her feel insecure. One incident was with her 14 year old daughter at the time who felt awkward being in public with her whilst she was breastfeeding and would often walk away whilst she was feeding in order to no be seen with her, this as a mother made Kristina feel insecure about the situation but as her daughter has grown up her opinions of the subject have changed.
The other incident was with the father of the child. She recalled a conversation with him where he expressed to her that he felt ‘awkward’ around breastfeeding women, when she began to question him as to why, his simple response was “I never know where to look” – I felt with this comment this is due to the commercialised attitude we have to breasts. Breasts have been used to sell everything from perfume to cars and have been branded as sexy objects. Which in fact they really aren’t, they are functional, the designs of our body and of our breasts are purely there for the functional purpose of feeding a child…not for the pleasure of men which the marketing industry have abused to quite a dramatic extent which is no wonder the reason why some men (and women) have been confused about the topic when they have been brainwashed by advertisement to think they are something other than their function therefore to see breasts out in public it must therefore be ‘indecent’.



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