Motherhood Project – breastfeeding documentary

Hi guys… so I’m currently doing a project based around quite a few criticisms that new mothers get about their parenting. Ranging from the stigma of breastfeeding in public, to bottle feeding from birth, IVF babies, tandem feeding and having a caesarean. The first stigma I’ve been basing my work on is the breastfeeding in public taboo. From my point of view I don’t see how anyone could find this so taboo as women have been doing it since we’ve been living on this planet and (believe it or not) that’s ‘actually’ what boobs are for! but I went and did my research to try find out how mothers felt about this situation, why do some people disagree with it but more importantly, is the ‘huge taboo of breastfeeding in public’ actually an issue or is it bad publicity making it seem like England has a bigger issue with it than they actually do.

My first model for the breastfeeding and bottle-feeding documentary shoots was Kate, she had a 3 month old girl who was her first child and has been both breastfeeding an bottle feeding since birth. She had never received any staring or comments out in public whilst breastfeeding and only has felt anxious whilst at work but felt that was down to her own self consciousness and she didn’t receive any comments whilst breastfeeding at work. She also commented that she felt more conscious about bottle feeding her daughter than breastfeeding which was quite interesting to find out. Although she had never received stares whilst out I did find it quite astonishing that I managed to photograph a group of women who were staring at her during the shoot….to the point I don’t think they noticed I was there!





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