Poor But Not

Okay…. yes I know it’s been A LONG time since I’ve posted but uni life and the Christmas period hasn’t exactly left me with a lot of free time so I do apologise for being so absent. In the mean time though I’ve been making a lot of work! so I’m hoping over the next few days just before I start uni again for spring term I can get all my work posted before the made life of doing a Photography degree starts again!

Okay so one of the Briefs I had was on Realism which was quite a difficult topic to get your head around really as a lot of the lectures got you in such a twist it felt like you were questioning ‘well…what is real?’ or ‘well, is it possible that everything is real’ and the line between real and imagination.

There was one quote that helped to ground my thoughts through the whole project and that was “Reality is what we believe exists where as ‘realism’ is the mode of representation which supports that reality”

with this I then decided to do a Documentary, I’ve been interested in the career path of documentary for a while so I felt I needed to get myself to grip with this form of image making as soon as possible.

As I moved into my second year of study I became aware of some of the unsanitary living conditions of the student housing market. For landlords and estate agents in charge of student houses there are less legislation and laws protecting the student community, this is due to the fact that students are none tax payers therefore are classed as on the same ‘poverty line’ as people on benefits. This gives property owners an excuse to neglect and exploit the student community for the sake of profits. Not only that, there is a huge shortage crisis of student houses therefore students have no choice but to accept unsanitary living conditions in aid to have somewhere to stay in what is often a city a long way from there home town, I found this unacceptable and I set out to reform the student housing market. I went to visit a handful of student rental accommodations in the town of Bournemouth to document the state in which some student tenants are forced to live in, in some cases the houses had not been cleaned in several years. One case I found that the owner bought the house 7 years ago and passed it onto the estate agents so that he can collect the profits after and then moved to the Caribbean, in this 7 year period the house has not been cleaned by the estate agents nor the owner and not been fully furbished, leaving the tenants with broken light ect. In another case I found a group of student tenants living in a house that had no working boiler, showers or freezers and the landlady refused or was delaying the repairing of these issues, one tenant was forced to buy a gym membership so they could use a shower out of desperation. I was able to successfully reform one of the student houses during my project by exposing my images to the landlady and envirornmental agency but I wish to make a further change as these are unacceptable circumstances for students to have to face during there education to become part of the higher earning community.

All work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2015 Mica Bohannon._MG_1596_MG_1623_MG_1643_MG_1659_MG_1799_MG_1822 (1)_MG_1661_MG_1801


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