Bournemouth Air Show 2015

So I went to the Bournemouth Air show as I hadn’t actually been to an air show before and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to see how good I was at taking photographs of planes whilst they were flying in the air. It was also great for me because I rarely get to use my telephoto lens because I simply have not had a project thats needed a purpose for it. Obviously it was exciting to see the Red Arrows air display but I also got the chance to see a very important plane in Britain’s history, I got to see the Vulcans very last flight in the air which for a lot of people who know the history behind it, was a very emotional experience (the patriotic music that was also playing at the time of its last flight didn’t help at hiding those emotions either!) I’m not a plane person but even I was moved at seeing this huge peace of engineering soaring in the sky, it was truly a graceful plane. I took a lot of photos that day but not to bore you I have selected a small group of them to show to you on here, hope you like them:

_MG_0846 copy _MG_0866 copy _MG_0869 _MG_0896 copy _MG_0913 copy _MG_0917 _MG_0949 copy _MG_0953 copy _MG_0973 copy _MG_1075 copy _MG_1084 copy _MG_1128 copy

All work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2015 Mica Bohannon.


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