Beauty Blog Photoshoot – A Spot of Reading and Writing

So the well established beauty blog ‘neverbetoobusytobebeautiful’ was wanting a revamp of their blog with some new imagery and asked me to do a few photoshoots from still life work, modelling and staged imagery to add to their website. The beauty blog has gained over 100 followers over the short period of time that it has been live and the writer has been thrilled with the extent of the publicity it has been receiving. As a treat for it’s 100 follower achievement a photoshoot was in order to give the blog the professional look it deserves…this is where I came in. The writer was so pleased with how the photoshoots went, she has now contacted me for a winter addition!

The first of the photoshoots we did was a staged shoot of the writer doing one of her favourite hobbies which is literature; during the beauty blog posts, the writer of ‘neverbetoobusytobebeautiful’ also likes to express her views on her favourite novels so a staged shoot of her hobbies seemed very suitable.

_MG_0705 _MG_0712 _MG_0713 _MG_0714 _MG_0733 _MG_0740 _MG_0742

All work is protected from infringement by law: Copyright © 2015 Mica Bohannon.


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