Well the first half of the THUD Show was a huge success and was so lovely to see some of the work from the artists/photographers up on the wall and on display. The THUD Exhibition Bournemouth is up on display at the Arts University of Bournemouth from 8th-19th June to which will then be taken... Continue Reading →

So as you all know by now I am going to be exhibiting as part of the THUD Exhibition group which we have been organising since last summer. My role as head of the Sponsorship team I took it upon myself to try and get a brewery deal for our private viewing night. well about... Continue Reading →

So last week the THUD Exhibitors and myself hosted a Silent and Hammer Auction which I both attended and had work up for auction. The event was a huge success and not only featured donated work of the THUD exhibitors but also donated work from huge artists such as the Guerrilla Girls, Alex Lethbridge and... Continue Reading →

So I'm really excited to announce that my photographic project on Mothers is now featured in Source Magazine's Online Graduate series. They are showcasing a selection of incredibly talented people that will be exhibiting in the THUD Exhibition alongside me  in both the Bournemouth show on 8th June and the London show 6th July. If... Continue Reading →

So as I have now completed my final pieces that are going to be exhibited in both Bournemouth and London, the THUD team have been working hard to get their web presence going. I would like to introduce you to the THUD website which tells you everything you need to know about our graduation exhibition!... Continue Reading →

I have to apologise for the complete silence from myself as I come to the end of my degree. Things have been so overwhelmingly hectic that I've just not had the time to update my blog with the new content of what has being going on in the past few months, so I will try... Continue Reading →

For the continuation of Modern mothers I started with a pregnancy shoot of a mother who is in the final stages of her pregnancy. Through my research I began to look into various aspects of motherhood from the anxiety and emotional aspects to the physical alteration of the body. From doing this shoot I find... Continue Reading →

winter is setting in and nights are getting darker sooner so thought it was a great opportunity to get out and do some night photography with the boyfriends Caterham.

So it's my final year at the Arts University of Bournemouth and I'm working into my Prep for Major Project. As I am continuing my mothers project I wanted to start off this study by bringing my photography back to the beginning before I pursue on to the post-natal photography work. I had been previously... Continue Reading →

A week or so back I was in Wiscombe at a Hill Climb event following one particular racing driver as their Photographer. The experience was brilliant for me as I don't often get the chance to indulge in Motorsport Photography as a Photography Student but I really enjoyed the experience. I travelled to the event... Continue Reading →

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